Saturday, 14 May 2016

Beyond the Screen

A few months ago, I started uploading my letters to a blog, and I’ve been promoting it ever since. The best part about being engaged in promoting it was, I came across a lot of opinions from people all over the world. I came across several blogs and communities and discovered that there were thousands of blogs and each had a new perspective. It was overwhelming to know that there were so many people out there who embraced the power of words with such fierce passion and that they still cared to voice their opinions.

There were still those who made the effort of discovering strange and distant minds...and all through the platform of the revolutionizing internet. Its simply magic. A person from a certain region gets to be inside the deepest caves of a mind sitting far far away looking at a whole new world through a little screen. Its a brilliant platform where only the minds interact, keeping our physical selves aside for a while.

I’m a believer of the theory that the core of our souls rest in our in a dramatic sense, this makes the web an interface for interface for the inner being which rests within our mind...irrespective of how we look, speak or walk.

Its nothing short of magic.

Perhaps we are finally getting used to decoding and using the magic that surround all of us every moment...and very very soon there will be life-changing revelations about this world.

We humans have a very powerful mind and more we come to know of it, the more we respect and fear it. We hear, see, feel and think with our minds, and every differing opinion and perception we have, has its root in the mind. We think and act differently just because our brains are structured differently and its this difference which makes the human race as bright as it is this difference which we are so eager to voice...and we have successfully discovered millions of ways to do the same, one of the ways being the Web.

Ranging from videos, social media and music to blogs, apps and e-books...people have come to know of the power and ecstasy the internet can provide them. People have found a pleasure in going “viral” and the initial goal has evolved from 'expressing views' to 'expressing views and making it popular'.

Its a different world out there...inside the screen. Sitting behind one, we no longer need to hide, which of course makes the expression of self much more easy and smooth. Its a whole new world which promises a very unexpected future. I'm glad that this world gave me a wide range of opportunities and pulled me out of the cocoon I once was so comfortable in.

Date: 26th May, 2015
Time: 11:45 AM

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Eternal Life - Live for as long as you want.

I feel really blank today...sitting with a pen and a paper just for the sake of it.

Usually I write only when my mind is overflowing with thoughts...but today I'm just hopelessly I guess I'll just summarize few of my past experiences...

Recently, I visited Bangalore and Bhubaneshwar for exam and admission naturally, I got to explore and tour a lot...and the most interesting part of this whole journey was that every little thing felt so extravagantly beautiful. From sky scraping buildings to old men at coffee shops....from flightless little birds to the endless cacophony of the traffic. Every passing moment was personified for some reason...and it made me feel like life was finally being lived.

I kept linking this unnatural experience to something I heard in the distant past. "We all live a little longer as a kid." Time is stretched for the younger souls. As a child, everything our senses touch upon, is new. We put more focus into everything that surrounds us, we are awestruck by the simplest of events just...just because they are new. All our senses remain alert for us to intensely experience every moment. We live the most.

On growing, our alertness to everything around us diminish...and we get the illusion that time is flying away, at tremendous speed. This piece of theory intrigued me...affected me deeply. As I've mentioned previously, I already feel that my time is limited, so, when I heard about this theory,  I sort of realized that there's a way to live way beyond the years that Time allot to each and everyone of us.

It is the simple act of observation. I am a witness myself. When I really observe something, I get connected with it, which helps me to understand the true nature of the object. It can be anything and everything...mountains, bottles, cats, clouds...absolutely anything. When we are observing something, we are actually sparing a thought or two for that object. This is a very quick process, but as we are thinking...and we know that thinking is a very complicated process, we have the illusion that time is being stretched.

And this really works...when we wonder like a child at everything we  see, every moment elongates itself, making us live a longer life in our mind.

The only obstacle to this illusory long life is that most of us don't bother to wonder at the simplest thing our life gifts us. We just don't give a damn about the common everyday stuff...which can very smoothly be turned into a rare piece of admiration. The key ingredient is imagination...with a hint of rationalism. This mix acts like a magical potion which connects the internal and external world. Every other time one sees an object, he must view it with a different perception...view it from varying angles. Flexibility of the mind is very important. Once we see an object, we form opinions about it...but the next time we see it, our minds must be powerful enough to go past those opinions...and...and look beyond!

This multi-angled view sometimes makes us lose faith in our own decision making skills...because every angle which used to be wrong, seems legit from another angle...Having a different set of opinions for different perceptions will cause internal conflict, but only then can one understand the beauty of the bigger picture and the pleasure of conflict...and ultimately, the decisions grow firmer, better.

So, when we'll view things from varying angles, every other time, we'll be amazed by the discovery of a new potential the object traps in itself. The more we'll observe, more alert will be our senses, the more we'll live in our minds.

Its really that simple. The key to eternal life is mere observation.

...and I'm grateful for having realized this.

So, coming back to the link between the tourist spots and the theory, I think all those places...the monuments, the lighted streets, the strangers from the new city...everyone and everything, opened my senses a tad bit more! I wanted to take it all in at once..everything was new and fascinating. Perhaps that was the reason I felt so rich mentally.

There's a high possibility that this theory edges on not being accurate, but I believe in it, because my experiences tell me to do so. It has made me live longer than I would have usually lived in a given time span.

It is a major illusion...or may be not
...but most things are...
And sometimes...just sometimes...
Illusions are better than reality.


Date: 22nd May, 2015
Time: 4:20 PM

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Certainty of Randomness

                           All these years, I've observed one thing...we humans have been structured in such a way that we have a strange faith in 'randomness'...a term which we often confuse with 'luck'. We have the faith yet we prevent its true meaning to seep through us. Defining 'faith', 'randomness' or 'luck' isn't an easy task...and it'll perhaps take years to define and understand their true meaning.

                          Presently, I'm on a train, heading to Bangalore, and however strange it may sound..the simplest landscapes are attempting to make me weep...the simplest thing like a quirky curved banyan tree or the ups and downs of the little hills passing by...the curves of these mounds are beautiful...more fascinating than anything I've come across before.

...and all they are, are just shabby brown rocks...and I don't know why they are having this strange effect...

                          Maybe its not the beauty of it which induces the emotions. Perhaps its the strange apparent sensation of time and space being curved...and this train of thought occurred to me recently. In fact, I think I just realized that I've been living in such a relative span of time and space all along! I say "relative" since it appears as if everything that's happening or will happen are relative to one reference point....which is my everyday life.

                          Its like we live everyday in a given region, balance everything we do on the to-and-fro motion of a moving pendulum...then suddenly one day...we are miles away from that given region within hours...the same hours we would have probably used up to scroll through a silly random site. Suddenly we see people of whose existence we could've only thought of...or not even that.

                          Its all a matter of chance and suddenly any point in space (us), which has a pattern of traversing through time....suddenly speeds up and moves way beyond the region it used to be in...and it all happens quite suddenly...this point goes to places so similar and so different....

                           Now imagine a seed of a tree carried by a bird from a far away land to another far away land. That seed is cared for by the water from rain which comes from yet another land...and then you, from another far away land, meet that grown up tree through the window of a train which carries you to another land! Such a rare occasion with minimal possibilities, yet so less wonder or curiosity to ignite minds.

                           If seen the other way and time made an effort just to make this unique possibility a reality. I'm so sure its magical...otherwise how can such a uniquely beautiful phenomenon occur to each and every one of us! This magic is so common that it has become a part of us...we don't take notice of it anymore...we are taught not to.

                         Well, all of it is just another perspective...but in a way it is also kind of a reality...and in a way this very perspective enhances the essence of travelling by a ton!

                        All these faces lost and drained out...they take no notice of the magic of uniqueness and randomness that surround each of them. They ignore the very fact that its not just a bland train journey...its so much more!

                       There's so much to thank for...yet complains never end and miseries never die.

                       People ask and people thank...but by the end of it all, hopefully they'll realize the value and beauty of randomness...and the very importance of it.
After all, they have been chosen randomly by every dawn, to be the ones who get to keep their lives...they are the ones chosen by dusk to still keep breathing...
..and that's so much more than we can ask for...


Date: 7th May, 2015
Time: 8:55 AM

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